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Jackie's Pet & Pal Services LLC provides professional pet sitter services in St Clair Shores, MI


Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC is a personal pet sitter service that comes to your home and cares for your dogs or cats while you are at work or on vacation. I come into your home and check on your animals once, twice, or three times a day. I can be your dog walker or stay to play in the backyard – whatever they like. I feed them and administer any needed medication. I have been in business for 35 years and am dedicated to providing you with excellent service in the St Clair Shores, MI area and the Grosse Points.

I also check on the kitties, play with them, feed them, and clean and check the cat box. When you’re gone, I will check the house to bring in the mail, paper, and water plants, and take out the trash and recycle bin to make it look as though someone is home. You don’t have to have animals to have me check on your home while you’re traveling!

Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC also offers people and animal transportation for doctor, shopping, or errands appointments and animal vet and groomers appointments. I am caring, trustworthy, honest, and fair, and I go out of my way to make your animal comfortable while you are not home for a fair price.
Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC in St. Clair Shores, MI is a member of Angie’s List and received the Super Service Award in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2017 in the Animal & House Sitting Category. If you need a quality pet sitter or transportation, give me a call at (313) 680-6688 today.


I am a loving and trustworthy personal pet sitter

I used to work at a Veterinarian’s office for several years. I got a lot of job training to apply to my business. When you are away, your dog or cat will be happy and content with Aunt Jackie caring for them. I feel animals do much better in their own home! With Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC, you will get personalized daily pet care for food, medicine, and exercise. If you are too busy at work, you can hire me as your dog walker. If you are gone for a little bit longer, you can leave your furry loved ones at home knowing that you hired a great dog and cat sitter.

I provide personal pet care for your dog, cat, birds, and fish while you are at work or on vacation. I can also take care of your house while you are away by taking care of your plants, bringing in mail and packages, being there for needed service people, and sending mail to the owner. My transportation service is for both pets and people. I can take you or your pet around town to your different appointments and obligations.

If you need personal pet sitting in the St Clair Shores, MI area, contact Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC today.

As an experienced dog walker, I love helping your companions exercise

Exercise, diet, and attention are important to your dog’s health. If you think you will be absent from home all day and do not have time to take your dog out, not to worry! Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC offers a dog walker service where I pick up your dog and either walk him or her around the neighborhood or take your four-legged friend to an outdoor space where they will receive plenty of exercise and fresh air.

I also offer pet sitter services to provide your furry friend with exercise and attention while you are out. Just like people, dogs have needs. Even if you work from home, the last thing you want is interruptions from your pup. Our dog sitter service is able to take your dog for the day and ensure he or she gets the proper animal care so that you can focus on your work. By the time you pick up your dog, he or she will be exhausted from all the fun they had that day and ready to cuddle up with you. Your cat can get antsy without proper exercise. With me, your cat sitter will make sure you get the right pet feeding and play schedule.

Price and time rates vary, so just give us a call today for more information! Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC proudly serves the area of St. Clair Shores, MI

Our animal transportation service will bring your furry friend to their important appointments

As part of my outstanding personal pet-sitting services, I want to take your pet care convenience one step further. When you are too busy to watch over your pet, you can easily rely on me as a pet sitter to care for your furry friend for you. Even more so, if your pet is due for scheduled vaccinations or vet checkups, my animal transportation service can take them to and from the veterinarian, so you don’t have to.

Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC understands that your pets are a high priority in your life. But despite our best efforts, our daily responsibilities can just as easily collide with the plans we have with our pets. At Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC, I strive to provide this relief to you so that you don’t have to compromise your daily work schedule. When you rely on our cat and dog sitter, I make sure that your beloved pet is catered to, loved, and cared for so that he or she may enjoy the time while you’re away.

Pets become our furry companions, and we only want the best animal care for them. Call on Jackie’s Pet & Pal Services LLC in St. Clair Shores, MI, and let me help you do just that!

I care for your pet and treat your home with the respect it deserves.

The three words that describe Jackie’s services are “Fan-Freaking-Tastic!” Seriously, my wife found Jackie when our regular cat sitter wasn’t available and we were on our way for a week in Denver over Christmas. All I can say is “WOW!” Jackie did such an outstanding job that she is now our “new and improved” regular cat sitter!

First, she spent time with our kitty before we left town to make sure that they got along. There’d be nothing worse than being half a country away only then to find out your pet has a problem with your sitter. Jackie made sure that there was a connection with our kitty before she took us on as a client, and that was very comforting.

Second, she took the time to make sure our cat was up to date on her vet appointments and vaccines. It is part of her very thorough service to make sure that she didn’t get our cat sick or that our cat didn’t get other pets that she cares for ill. Jackie helps so many pet owners in our community, and this is just one of the many ways that she gives back to make sure her clientele are as healthy as they are happy, and ensures they are in as good of health on your return as when you left.

Third, she did an AMAZING job taking care of our kitty, our plants and our house. She is willing to take on any special instructions (medication, food, litter box cleaning, etc,) that you might need for the comfort of your pet. Further, she will take on many requests regarding plant watering and care. We didn’t lose one plant in the week we were on the road, which is fantastic because we normally come home to a plant graveyard when we are away. She even brought in our mail, Amazon deliveries and addressed other minor household tasks while we were gone. Again, Jackie performed another A-1 job.

Fourth, she stayed in constant contact, texting pictures and emailing updates on how our kitty was getting on while we were traveling. It was such a comfort to know that our cat was doing well while we were gone and getting the occasional picture did our hearts well. It was very easy to stay in touch with Jackie and get an update, and it put our minds at ease.

Finally, Jackie is just a fantastic person! She’s smart, sincere and caring and that is her winning combination! Without a doubt, we will definitely be using Jackie the next time we travel.

I go the extra mile to ensure your baby is taken care of.

We were referred to ‘Jackie’ by a trusted neighbor. My husband and I were headed to FL for a family wedding, and even though my son was going to be home, he was busy w/FT job and school activities @ night. We needed a reliable source to feed and possibly walk our female boxer, Roxy.

Jackie met w/us prior to our trip, went over all ours (& Roxy’s) needs, took thorough notes, and asked us questions regarding issues we hadn’t even considered (but that were important to her care and comfort). Jackie came to the house 3x/day for feedings, and walks. She texted us updates and photos.

The third day we were away Jackie called, informing us she had noticed blood in Roxy’s urine. Jackie took Roxy to a vet appointment we scheduled (placing Roxy’s bed into the back of her own vehicle so Roxy would feel more comfortable and less stressed). X-rays @ the vet diagnosed a bladder infection (which was treatable), but also a severe spine arthritis condition we were unaware of (causing Roxy pain, but she wasn’t showing she was in pain).

Jackie administered all Roxy’s medications until our return. Roxy was feeling better within a day. Upon our return, Jackie had left us handwritten notes of the entire incident and instructions for continuing medications.

There are simply no words to describe our appreciation for ‘Aunt Jackie’, who is now considered a part of our family. Professional, thorough, caring, instinctive, proactive, warm, exceeding every expectation we may have had – we highly recommend Jackie for any and all services needed. We came home to a happy, healthy, and content Roxy!




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